Silobaião was born in April 2002. Since then it has become a market leader in Portugal in the field of automation systems of raw materials for the baking industry. In recent years, due to the national and global environment, it started internationalizing in a global level, for it products, developed, designed and manufactured in Portugal.


Having storage and transport systems and kneaders for the raw materials necessary for the production of dough, Silobaião provides its clients, from small bakeries to large industrial manufacturing units, with a practical, hygienic, automatically dosaged quantities of correct proportions of the raw materials for every recipe.


Silobaião enables the automation of macro and microingredientes, such as: any kind of meal, sugar, milk, eggs, yeast, dough, baking powder, oil, water, salt, cinnamon, butter, dried fruit, among many others, in the area of bakery.


We provide every customer with a tailor-made solution taking into account their resources and specific needs.


Silobaião has staff always available so your business never stops, both physically, and as remote assistance.